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Oh hello, you bold,

Goddess of a woman…



I see you, *craaaving* deeper connection to your pussy + your pleasure…


You're a feminine leader on the path of sexual awakening + want to bring forth your juiciest embodied expression into your life... your sex... your purpose... your creations... offering your open heart + radiance to the world.

You're incredibly successful in whatever you set your mind to, paving your own way + refusing to play small... shifting paradigms of what was previously thought possible.

You want to feel alive with lusty desire + turn on through every cell of your body, cracking open your heart + pussy to deepest love + delicious pleasure.


You want to feel open, receptive + surrendered to pleasure,

deeply embodied in your luscious feminine energy.


You want to ignite your sexual energy into a wildfire + a feminine force to be reckoned with, oozing with succulence + love.

Image by Alyssa Hurley

"Working with Lola is liberating, it's ecstatic, and it's unlike anything else."

ShammaRose Kerehoma

You want to awaken your innately magnetic power, channeling your energy into sex magic + attracting more abundance than you know what to do with.


You want to heal, integrate + liberate your sexuality, coming back home to your delicious wholeness…. your erotic innocence… your original essence...


You want to experience wildly deep orgasms - and not just a clitoral sneeze. You’re wanting the multiple, g-spot, squirting, cervical + full-body energy orgasms.


yes... yesyes!


You can have it ALL.

This is all possible for you.

It’s yours to claim, baby.

Image by Alyssa Hurley

And you want it now


Because the Goddess within you is yearning to express more of herself…


To feel her pulse in your pussy


To overflow with oceans of eros coursing through your veins


To ripple with wave upon wave of ecstasy


You want it now because you know THIS is your highest path.


You know that THIS is the energy that will flip your life upside down, stepping into a new level of pleasure, prosperity + leadership.


You know that THIS is the link between you + everything your feminine heart could possibly want.


& you trust your intuition…

whispering in your ear…

to take the leap.

…to step into your radical power as a feminine leader.

…to enter into a mad love affair with yourself.
…to have that hot, wet, passionate sex you crave.

…to pursue + ask for what you really want.

…to explore what makes YOU feel juicy inside your body.

…to prioritise your self-pleasure (because you know you deserve it).

…to shamelessly embody your inner Sex Goddess.

…to take up SPACE with your Queen energy.

…to unleash + be seen in your wild, authentic creative expression.

…to stop giving a fuck about what other people think.

…to take pleasure in making BOLD decisions like the badass bitch you are.

…to invest in the energy that turns you ONNN to the life you want!

Honey, it is time

You are the Divine artist of your sexual liberation, baby.

Image by Alyssa Hurley

Imagine this...


Embodied presence comes naturally you to, dropping out of your head,

and into the ecstatic ocean of pleasure always readily available to you…


You know what turns you on + how to play with your sexual energy…

You feel powerful in voicing your desires + asking for what you want...

You know exactly how you like it.

And communicate this with conviction.

You’re achieving quantum success in your career because you’re a well-fucked woman who doesn’t settle for anything less than her highest desire


You’re magnetising opulence through orgasm + sex magic… and quickly.



People around you are asking what’s changed about you…

They’re allured by your bold, radiant energy, your glowing skin,

and the way you hold yourself tall with a powerful, yet elegant posture.


You’re totally in love with your body + your pussy. You’re oozing with sex, magnetism + unapologetic confidence…



Changing the way you show up in the world…

You’re a Queen… and they’re captivated by your energy.


Just looking at your naked body sends shoots of electricity up your spine…

Your orgasms are deep, cosmic + looong…

Delighting in wave, after wave, after wave of ecstasy…


You’re sharing your magic in the world from a place of passion, purpose + a deep knowing of who you really are at your core



You trust the voice of your intuition + the pulse in your pussy, pulling you to make empowered, desire-led decisions that fill your body with exhilarating pleasure...

You are in the full embodiment + expression of your inner Sex Goddess... Allowing her sweet, juicy nectar to emanate through every cell of your being.

Liberating your sexuality is how you show up in the world with unapologetic confidence + alluring power


Head over heels in love with yourself + turning heads as you walk into the room…


Dripping with turn on + experiencing open, expansive, full-body orgasms that you never even thought possible.


Honey, pleasure gets to be your natural state of being



Being in a field that welcomes ALL of you, brings your power out to play.


This is your invitation to claim your crown, as the Queen and Royal Sovereign of pleasure you came here to be.

Image by Alyssa Hurley

We play with…





Tantric energetics


Sex magic

Pussy + breast massage

Pussy de-armouring

Inner child healing

Shadow work

Emotional liberation

Feminine/masculine dynamics

Sexual energy play


…just for a sneak peak


What you receive


→ 2 x 60 minute 1 : 1 coaching intensives every month.


This is your safe, evolutionary container for self-realisation + sexual liberation.

We take a tantric approach to realising + actualising your desires... going deep into high-level conversations + embodiment practices... creating shifts on a quantum level.

The energy is co-creative, luxury, activating, and juicy as fuck.


Home work… or play ;)


To embody + integrate your transformation… Steeping your daily life in alllll the succulent energy. I promise you'll never see 'homework' the same way again ;)


VIP Voxer


For the daily high-level conversations, celebrations, clearings + being in the delicious energy field with high-touch support + close proximity to me.


Full access to Lola. Pick my brain. 


When you play in my space, we play with allll of our multifaceted dimensions… not just the orgasmic pleasure + wild sex life… but also your health. relationships. wellness. purpose. business. money. intimacy. dating. life! Bring your full feminine force, baby.

VIP access to the full library of Lola's offerings


All prior courses are included + all live containers offered in our time playing together, including the growing Pleasure Library of guided self-pleasure practices + meditations... so you get all the gold ;)

1 x Yoni Massage ceremony


This is my signature in-person luxury experience of deep sexual healing + Divine feminine awakening. This 4 hour ceremony can be scheduled any time during our container together.

Image by Alyssa Hurley

Your investment

$4K per month


for a 6 or 12 month commitment or

$20K AUD in full for 6 months // $38K AUD in full for 12 months




Take a deep breath…


Feel the warm tingle of exhilaration already alive inside your body right now...


And notice, what is your body telling you?



What is your pussy telling you? ;)

Image by Susan Wilkinson
shammarose portrait.JPG

"Our work blows my mind... I'm shedding the layers of external conditioning and accepting + embodying exactly who I am at my core… Healing through myself, my own pleasure, my own energy.

Lola so effortlessly leads you to realms out of this fucking world, held in deep safety + love, with so much pleasure + sex magic amongst it all…"

"My biggest challenge before working with Lola was in giving myself permission to be my full, multifaceted self. I was afraid of what other people would say and of fully embodying, owning, + being seen as who I really am.  In getting a taste of her magic through Yoni Massage, embodying a strong orgasmic energy that I had never experienced before + realising that I could heal through pleasure... I knew that I couldn’t let money limit me from exploring deeper. I knew this was an investment I needed + deserved to make. I’m someone who loves to serve + do things for other people, so when I made the decision to do this just for me, it felt liberating. It was a bold move, but investing in the Wildfire fucking changed my life. Our work blows my mind + pushes my brain to unseen spaces, creating massive shifts in my body, mind, + life. I'm shedding the layers of external conditioning and accepting + embodying exactly who I am at my core… Healing through myself, my own pleasure, my own energy. When we meet, everything is dropped at the door; Lola allows me to be myself and sees me + loves me for it, with no pressure or expectation. Human to human, Lola so effortlessly leads you along this journey like an angel of a teacher, taking you to realms out of this fucking world, held in deep safety + love, with so much pleasure + sex magic amongst it all… it's liberating, it's ecstatic, and it's unlike anything else. Speaking from experience, if you’re sitting on the fence about working with Lola, there’s a reason for it. You don’t end up sitting on the fence at all, unless you’re really feeling called to it. Money can feel like a big limitation that we put on ourselves, and doing this work can feel fucking scary because you don’t feel worthy of doing this work... of being exactly who you are + not apologising for it. You don’t feel worthy of even tapping into that space and finding out who you are if you’ve hidden it for so long. If I could say one thing... you will not regret it. At this point, nothing is stopping you, but you. If not now, when?"

ShammaRose Kerehoma

"It was a bold move, but investing in The Wildfire fucking changed my life."


"After just two months, I've dumped my boyfriend, I'm so much more embodied + integrated in my sexuality, and I started my business in feminine liberation... so for those sitting on the fence, I feel like this speaks for itself."

"Even making the investment was a turn on... and there's a very intimate, personal connection with Lola that makes this work a lot more

deep + powerful.

The practices are out of this world and so, so potent... it has been so incredible to be led by Lola, to be supported by her, to be seen by her...

oh my god... now I'm crying!

I love Lola so much, she is the most beautiful angel and is such an embodiment of her work. It is such a blessing to be able to work with her. I am so grateful."

"Before we started working together, I wasn’t unapologetic and embodied in my sexuality, I still had shame regarding my sexuality, I was in a relationship that I wanted to quit for months but was too scared of being alone to leave, and I was unhappy in my studies. I started working with Lola, and after two months, I’ve dumped my boyfriend, I’m so much more embodied and integrated in my sexuality, and I’ve started my business in feminine liberation… so for those sitting on the fence, I feel like this speaks for itself. I felt like I didn’t have the time or energy for this because I was a crazy student working 24/7. I had nothing else in my life… but I just really felt the pull. I felt connected to Lola, to her magic, to her work. I just knew inside of me that I needed to do this work with HER. At some point, I just had to listen to this knowing that I had inside of myself and say, okay, LET’S GO. The moment I said yes and made my investment, it felt amazing, like a statement to the universe. It was a turn on, actually. I had no fear, I was just like, "We’re doing this. We’re going all in." I love Lola’s flexibility and how she aligns and adapts to the people she’s working with; it feels very, very personal, it’s just for you. It’s not like she uses the same technique for every single person. I love that there are tools you can come back to and deepen, and there’s a very intimate, personal connection with Lola that makes this work a lot more deep and powerful. The practices inside this container have been out of this world and so, so powerful. They’re tools that I’m going to constantly come back to, that I’ll keep with me and continue to deepen. I don’t feel like I can put words to why I invested in this space over anything else… you just know; your intuition says something, and you just go for it. It has been so incredible to be led by Lola, to be supported by her, to be seen by her… (oh my god... now I’m crying!). I love Lola so much, I’m so grateful that she is such an embodiment of her work, so she’s able to take us through this journey to do this work on ourselves. Lola is the most beautiful angel and it’s such a blessing to be able to work with her. I’m so grateful."

Khaï Vitti

Your Devotion


Women only enter this field when they're 100% ready and committed to their vision... when they know that I am the person to lead the way to their juiciest self + deep sexual liberation... and their pussy is dripping wet with desire to go ALL IN, making their wildest dreams their reality.


This is a high-level, sophisticated investment to make. As a powerful woman who listens to the pulse in her pussy, you already know the return on your investment is undoubtedly priceless... with a ripple effect touching every crevice of your life experience.


The nature of this space is luxury, intimate, high-touch, and I'm generous with my energy.


As such, The Wildfire is non-refundable + you are committed to 6 months payment, whether you choose to stay for deep liberation, or leave.


6 months commitment... and you can always stay for more ;)


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