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"Every person with a Yoni needs to experience this work." 

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Welcome to your sexual awakening, Goddess.

You have arrived here by no mistake...

You are here to heal, awakened + liberate your sexuality on the deepest level.

You are here to relax + melt into a puddle of pleasure beyond what you have ever known.

You are here to be held in deep safety + presence as you explore your sacred body, energy and expression.

You are here to come home to the truth of who are really are, your original sexual essence, your erotic innocence, your deepest source of power + pleasure.

You are here to feel your feminine radiance come alive, oozing with vitality and magnetism.

You are here to fully let go... to open... to surrender... to relinquish control... become one with the Divine through your pleasure.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Goddess, your Yoni is the portal to the Divine...

She deserves to be worshipped and revered with the most intentional, loving, conscious touch.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Yoni Massage has the potential to be one of the most life-altering experiences of your life.

You'll loooove this magic if...


You spend a lot of time stuck in your head + crave to drop deep into your body.

You hold onto pain, tension or numbness inside your yoni and are ready for a deep, healing release.

You struggle to experience orgasm or sex feels empty and underwhelming, like something deeper is missing.

You know you still have so much untapped orgasmic potential in your yoni + you’re yearning to surrender to deep, expansive, life-altering pleasure.

You have the sense that your sexuality is your deepest source of radiance, power + magnetism and want to bring forth the fullness of your Divine feminine expression.

You're craving to fully let go and be led to realms of pleasure out of this world.

You want to feel your heart + yoni wide open to deep, cosmic love + intimacy with yourself and with a lover.

You're ready to expand your pleasure beyond just a clitoral sneeze and into mind-blowing, full-body ecstatic experiences.

You want to learn + embody the tools to become the most radiant, powerful, well-fucked woman you know.

You want to experience the magnetic, healing force of your sexuality and attract...

the best sex of your life,

life-changing intimacy,

deep love +

wild wealth.

Image by Susan Wilkinson


"My Yoni Massage was extremely liberating.


Sometimes I felt gentle and feminine, sometimes I felt full of fire energy, and sometimes I felt my heart was radiating pure love and gratitude. It didn't really matter what I felt because Lola welcomed and supported all emotions and experiences. Lola guided me gently through each experience I needed at that moment.


I remember thinking throughout the massage that every person with a Yoni needs to experience this work.

After the massage, I felt as though I had been reborn. 


My vibration was higher, colours were more vibrant. I saw everything around me with fresh eyes. Total Bliss!!! The following day unexpected emotions came up, but with the support from Lola, I was able to work through it all."

What is Yoni Massage?

'Yoni' is a Sanskrit word for the female sexual organs that translates to 'sacred space'.


Yoni Massage Therapy is a sexological bodywork modality that takes a holistic approach to female sexual health and awakening, exploring the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual Self.


This modern tantric practice aims to help you explore what it feels like to be in your body and gain a better understanding of your energy and pleasure.

This unique healing modality is a fusion of ancient and neo tantra, inviting you to come home to the sacredness of your sexuality, releasing psychosomatic trauma and stuck emotional energy to bring about deep healing, awakening and liberation.


This experience also contains elements of breathwork, shadow work, bioenergetics and yoga, bringing balance to the polarity between our innate feminine and masculine energy, Shiva and Shakti, or yin and yang, within each aspect of the Self.


What to expect:

The four-hour ceremony entails a full body massage including the erogenous zones, breasts, and both external and internal genital therapeutic bodywork, with ample before and aftercare.


We begin the ritual with a luscious cacao ceremony and consecration, opening the space for you to speak on your journey as a woman, setting your intentions, and voicing your boundaries and desires. I'll also take this time to brief you on the expectations and flow of the ceremony, providing you with the tools you need to anchor into deep safety and presence.

We then follow with an undressing ceremony. As you stand before me, I witness you in the powerful vulnerability of being seen as you undress. With every item of clothing you remove, you are invited to name something you wish to release from your life. This is your space to symbolically peel off the layers of sexual shame, insecurity, trauma, old patterns and beliefs, and any pieces of your body-mind that are holding you back from stepping into the fullness of your power and pleasure.

We then move into an hour of full-body massage to bring the entire body into a deep state of relaxation and safety, working with the breath, sound, movement, mindfulness and energy to regulate the nervous system and activate life-force. From this place of surrender and openness, and with your verbal consent, we'll dive into an hour of heart awakening breast massage and yoni massage therapy. The yoni work itself will include a few different components; massage, mapping and dearmouring.

Image by Susan Wilkinson


"I felt instantly comfortable,


I could tell Lola had put a lot of planning into the morning, even though her own practices prior to the session ensuring she was grounded and present. The space and the setup were warm and absolutely stunning. 

Lola was soft but yet strong when I needed to be held. After the session I felt like my vibration was higher, everything looked more beautiful than when I had arrived.


I don't have anything negative to say about Lola or the session; it was a beautiful experience. The music was also wonderful."

The yoni massage will focus on relaxing and opening your body to pleasure and connection to the sacred; highest consciousness and deepest love. The element of mapping will explore your anatomical landmarks, including your clitoris, G-spot, cervix, A-spot and P-spot, exploring the physical sensations alive within your yoni. Dearmouring will focus on any places of numbness, pain or tension, working with gentle deep tissue and pressure point techniques to release the physical and psycho-somatic armour that your body and nervous system are holding onto.

Throughout the yoni massage we'll be focused on anchoring into deep safety, connecting to your body, feeling the felt sense, moving energy, and expanding your experience of sexual pleasure beyond what you previously thought possible.

Concluding the bodywork, we close with a crystal sound bath to allow you the space to rest in stillness, integrate your experience and ground into the earth.

You will then have the opportunity to shower before your redressing ceremony. Once again standing before me, with every item of clothing you put back on, you are invited to name what you desire to call into your life, such as love, connection, pleasure, aliveness, abundance and opportunity.

We conclude with a short debrief as I hold space for you to speak on your experience, providing you with a grounding snack and home-play practices to support your integration and continued awakening.

Within two weeks after your Yoni Massage ceremony, we will check in with a debrief call via Zoom to discuss anything that may have come up for you and work through further integration practices to consolidate your healing process.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

This bodywork is sensual and sexual; however, Therapeutic Yoni Massage is not sex or foreplay. Although orgasm is possible, this is not the goal. For most women, this experience is emotional, rather than sexual, in nature.

There are no goals, pressures or performances. This work is about feeling comfortable in your skin, tuning into your body and reclaiming your sexuality.


We explore a range of touch, strokes and sensations to awaken your senses and neural networks, bringing your whole body to life, expanding your capacity to feel, and cultivate sexual, life-force energy.

I'll meet you at your level of sexual healing and awakening to take you to a new depth of liberation and mastery, from tools for orgasmic reclamation to advanced sex magic and microcosmic orbit energy play.


Yoni Massage Therapy is a practice of complete trust and surrender. With constant communication, you are held in a safe, supportive environment to express your desires and boundaries and have them honoured.


Throughout the entire ceremony, your active disposition, full-body YES and verbal consent is respected and required.

Image by Susan Wilkinson


"It was the most beautiful Yoni Massage I have ever received in my life.

I have never felt so safe and so much like a Goddess.


No one has ever spent that much time on me.


I cried with happiness, and we had a touching debrief. 

I would highly recommend Lola to all of my friends."

Why receive Yoni Massage Therapy?


Yoni Massage Therapy has a range of compelling benefits, including the release of somatic trauma and muscular tension in the pelvic floor, clearing energetic blocks, boosting sexual empowerment, nourishing your libido and sexual health, and connecting with your body, sensuality and pleasure.


Women can hold a magnitude of somatic trauma in their yoni and womb space, particularly at their cervix; the body keeps the score. This trauma can range from sexual abuse, childhood wounds, mother and father wounds, societal and religious conditioning, internalised patriarchy, slut shame, physical injury, scarring, illness such as UTIs or STDs, cellular memories, ghosts from past sexual experiences, having your boundaries disrespected, saying yes when you wanted to say no, people pleasing, deep insecurities and unworthiness, racism, sexism, and intergenerational trauma.

Image by Olga Korolenko
Image by Susan Wilkinson

Pain, tension and numbness within your Yoni can represent somatic trauma and emotional and energetic blockages.


Therapeutic Yoni Massage helps to release somatic trauma, muscle tension, spasm and stagnation, painful pressure points, unwanted tightness, an over or under-active pelvic floor, irritable friction, and stuck energy; physically and emotionally. 


In exploring conscious penetration and teaching the body to enjoy prolonged penetration, you may also rebuild trust with your body so that your Yoni does not spasm with fear as an armoured trauma response.


This tantric bodywork also reintroduces blood and oxygen flow to places of pain and numbness, activating neural networks, increasing natural lubrication, transmuting pain into pleasure, and increasing energy flow throughout your body.

As you relax, your body releases hormones associated with feelings of trust, love and bonding, creating new, healing somatic experiences in place of trauma and blockages to your erotic power. The deep state of relaxation brings balance to your inner polarity, especially if you spend more time in your masculine, yang or 'go' and usually struggle to receive and surrender to your feminine, yin, or 'flow'.

Your body also produces endorphins, contributing to a feeling of bliss. Through deep breathwork, prana energy moves through your energy centres and opens your heart, potentially inducing a natural state of ecstasy and oneness with the Divine, within yourself and everything around you. 


This flow of the Divine is remarkably potent and pure; it may stimulate altered states of consciousness and pleasure that can awaken intense emotion and enable strong release. This deep state of internal awareness and connection with Source can also bring clarity around blockages, trauma, fears, hidden patterns, shadows, beliefs and past life contracts. This clarity may look like sudden epiphanies or visions.


As you act as a clear channel for the Divine, you may experience waves, vibrations, pulses, or a deep, orgasmic implosion of release.

Image by Olga Korolenko
Image by Susan Wilkinson


"My first Yoni Massage was with Lola, and it was the most amazing I have ever felt. 


I felt a lot of healing and found real peace within myself. It was a very powerful experience and gave me so much happiness and self-relief.


I felt free and powerful as a woman.


All the hurt and pain I had kept inside me was gone. Bad energy was taken out of my body and soul, leaving me with freedom, happiness and peace.


It was an amazing experience, and I hope everyone has the opportunity to feel what I felt and achieve the same outcome."

Yoni Massage Therapy is a powerful tool to increase your orgasmic + ecstatic potential.


As we map your Yoni's anatomy, such as your clitoris, G-spot, A-spot, P-spot and cervix, you may awaken to heightened sensitivity and pleasure, allowing the exploration of implosive orgasmic states beyond explosive clitoral orgasms, as well as cervical orgasm and squirting.


Your whole body can come alive to become more erogenous, sensitive and orgasmic - increasing your awareness of your body in places you may have never noticed before.


In this deep state of surrender, you will learn to drop out of your head and into your body; instead of tensing up with control, learn to surrender into the depths of your pleasure. Your orgasmic states may deep, lengthen and expand.


Exploring full-body relaxation and the activation of your sexual, life-force energy through conscious, loving touch without any expectation of performance or goals nourishes your libido.


In rebuilding trust between your Yoni and physical touch, your sexual libido raises, and your body opens to crave intimate touch. In Therapeutic Yoni Massage that does not result in orgasm, the sexual vibration within your body and heart maintains at a simmering aroused state of being.

Image by Kerri Shaver

As you open your body to the flow of eros and reclaim your sexual sovereignty, you simultaneously reclaim your birthright to wealth.


When sexual energy is circulating, creativity and expression flows, and money naturally follows. Your womb is the birthplace of all of creation - it is the bridge between worlds. Anything you create from your free flowing, self-sourced life force, cannot not be abundant.

Yoni Massage is also a powerful tool for holistic healing. When you feel shame, fear, or judgement towards your sexuality and your body, these emotions can become stuck, denying blood flow and energy to your yoni. It loses sensitivity and vitality, and can become numb and wither away.

If this denial of blood flow and energy perpetuates for long enough, it can manifest as chronic health problems. These health problems, such as endometriosis, fibroids, polycystic ovaries, and vulvodynia, if not created by this denial, are compounded by it.

This is a holistic method and is not (yet) scientifically proven, however, when a woman works alongside her body to restore blood flow, oxygenation, and connection to her body (alongside any medical treatments recommended by her doctor), her condition most often improves.

The experience is incredibly sexually empowering, helping you to release body shame and learn to unconditionally love yourself and your body.


Yoni Massage can help you to understand how you desire and deserve to be loved, worshipped and touched, teaching you to offer this devotional love to yourself and no longer attracting lovers who can't meet you at the depth of your desires.


A sexually open and orgasmic woman is strong in her boundaries and empowered in her desire.


In exploring your body and finding what gives you pleasure, you are empowered to share this information with a partner. It can also be exceptionally sexually empowering to learn to enjoy pleasure and orgasm without the use of vibrators or sex toys, expanding your sexual repertoire beyond just one pathway to orgasm and bringing your entire sexual orchestra to life.

Image by Dainis Graveris
Image by Susan Wilkinson


"Since working with Lola, I slowly noticed my Yoni was relaxing more and more, opening during sexual experiences and that I was welcoming my partner inside myself more easily.


I feel as though I have more feeling inside my Yoni and that my pleasure has increased substantially.

I could not recommend this work enough."

Image by Susan Wilkinson

Other than releasing trauma and blockages, expanding orgasmic potential, sexual empowerment and nourishing your libido, Yoni Massage is a tool to relax and de-stress, increase your vitality and creativity, and to develop a deeper connection with your body and your pleasure.


Many women struggle to realise the sheer importance of connecting with their Yoni until they reach a state of imbalance. Imbalance can look like polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, vulvodynia, vaginismus, infertility, recurrent UTIs, etc.


If us women can cultivate a healthy relationship with our Yoni and sexuality, I believe we will be able to find a healthy equilibrium; physically, mentally and spiritually, and avoid more extensive health issues from arising in the future.

As a Yoni Massage Therapist, I am passionate about guiding women back to their source of healing + erotic power, and along their path of sexual awakening.

Strength, power, radiance, creativity and vitality permeate a woman who is awakened in her sexuality and is well versed in harnessing her sexual potency.


She is the embodiment of youth, the beauty of life and is a magnet for attracting her desires. Held within her Yoni is the key to discovering this empowerment; the gateway to a woman's Fire of Life.


The Tantric tradition illustrates the admiration for a woman's power to initiate and awaken others to their medicine; their source of healing and the magic they have to share with the world.


The Yoni is honoured and worshipped as a place of healing and the residence of the Goddess. Women are the embodiment of sensuality; the Divine feminine, who emits sexual potency, power and aliveness.

Image by Susan Wilkinson


"Lola made me feel welcomed and comfortable instantly.


I could tell she had put immense care into creating a beautiful, comfortable environment. 


Lola has a natural ability to hold space; this made me feel as though I could totally surrender to the experience.


She checked in with me regularly throughout the massage, making sure I felt safe and supported."

Who should receive Yoni Massage?


I wholeheartedly believe that every woman should have the pleasure of experiencing Yoni Massage Therapy in their lifetime.


Choosing to receive and attune to this potent medicine has the potential to be one of the most life-altering, healing and transformational experiences of your life.


It is safe to receive Therapeutic Yoni Massage during the second and third trimesters of pregnancy, provided care is taken around the cervix. If you are menstruating, this can be a powerful time to receive Yoni Massage Therapy if you are comfortable.


Women who are already well versed on their journey of sexual awakening and healing can also find immense benefit in receiving Yoni Massage Therapy.


When you receive Yoni Massage with a qualified practitioner as a regular self-care ritual and a tool for evolving your sexual health and ongoing self-discovery, your Yoni naturally feels more open, alive, receptive and sensual.

Image by Susan Wilkinson

The only contraindications to Yoni Massage Therapy are active STIs or STDs, the first trimester of pregnancy, or if you do not feel comfortable in receiving this therapy.


I invite you to lean into the vulnerability of receiving this magic.


What emotion comes up for you when considering receiving Yoni Massage Therapy? How does this emotion feel in your body? Notice where you might be carrying physical tension, heaviness or pain.


Is this resistance coming from within you, or the preconceived judgment, prejudice, shame or beliefs imposed on you from external sources?

It is totally normal to feel nervous in anticipation. I assure you will be held in safety, presence, love and compassion every step of the way.


If you feel called to explore and unpack any resistance, worries or questions around Yoni Massage Therapy, please reach out by sending me an email or an Instagram DM.

Where is the Yoni Massage

abode located?


My Yoni Massage abode is a beautiful, safe, quiet and private sanctuary situated in the Gold Coast hinterland. Your booking confirmation will reveal the secret location of the sacred space, where the land will hold you in serenity and presence.

Image by City of Gold Coast
Image by Susan Wilkinson


"The session was really beautiful.

I felt very held and safe.

It felt like my boundaries were respected, and consent was asked at every stage, which I really appreciated. I felt like Lola really knew what she was doing and was confident in her skills which helped me feel safe.


I felt like I shifted a lot of trauma in the session and was able to integrate my sexuality more. 

Afterwards, I felt very grounded and calm."

It is a pleasure to connect

with you, Goddess.


It is an honour to feel your pull towards the medicine I have to offer you... please, soak it all in.

The beauty and awe of witnessing a woman trust, surrender and release, allowing her feminine essence to flow into the safe, present, potent container I hold for her, has transformed my life, work and capacity to express love beyond measure.


The sacred, wild feminine power of the woman that lies surrendered before me, never ceases to captivate me.


The paradigms shifted, realms touched, and portals opened immersed within the experience of Therapeutic Yoni Massage, demonstrate that this work is so much bigger than you and I; it is in this realisation that I understand why I felt the pull towards this work.


Goddess, your Yoni is the portal to the Divine... 

She deserves to be worshipped and revered with the most intentional, loving, conscious touch.


I bow down to the women who choose to dive into the deep end and explore the very depths of their soul, their edges and desires: in the lightness and the darkness.

As the Tantric Priestess and Maven of Yoni Massage, I will lovingly hold your hand and open the door, but it is you who decides to walk through it.


Thank you, Goddess, for trusting and allowing me the pleasure to witness your body melting, your heart expanding, and your Yoni opening like a rare, exquisite flower.


I worship you... All of you.


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Image by Susan Wilkinson


"Woah. The session felt INTENSE.


From the beginning, I had creative ideas and downloads dropping in (can we really grow through pleasure?). 

I felt calm and relaxed while the full body massage was in progress. Anger came up. And then some sadness, fear, anxiety, and frustration.


The full body massage was incredible. I found myself allowing the full relaxation, especially knowing that we had the full three hours together.


Lola was great at asking for consent, especially when she was about to touch my breasts and Yoni. The whole experience was really intense, and I shifted a LOT."




"My session was peaceful, calm, and relaxing; I felt she took a lot of my hurt and pain away. I felt free and amazing."





"Lola was everything I could have hoped for and more. She was gentle, attentive, supportive, knowledgeable and professional."

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