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Are you connected to your pleasure?

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Women with TURNED ON PUSSY make better decisions and move through the world with POWER.

Your $exual, life force energy is what determines how you show up in the world. How you feel about yourself. Your self-confidence. Your creativity. Your sensuality. Your relationships with others. Your passion. Your ability to manifest your desires... (and to know what you really desire).

The only way for a woman to be in tune with her desire and to know what her heart and soul really wants, is to be in touch with her pleasure.

What does your relationship with pleasure look like?

What about your relationship with your pussy?

Do you feel more feminine or masculine?


Are you afraid of your femininity?

What role did your feminine or masculine play as you were growing up?

Did your femininity need to hide or shine?

What did your parents, religion and school teach you about your pussy and pleasure when you were growing up?

When you were 5 years old, what did you think about your pussy?

Was the power of your pussy something to be hidden, ashamed of and a sin to explore?

Or was your pussy power and pleasure something to be cultivated, harnessed and intimately connected to? Or even worshipped?

How do these questions make you feel?

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