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Are you wearing your weight as armour?

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

Your physical vessel is an outward representation of your alignment with your Higher Self.

Are you holding onto a physical vessel that no longer serves you?

Your Higher Self is the version of you that fully expresses your potential.

As you come into alignment with your Higher Self, you simultaneously release limiting beliefs and stored emotional blocks, and surrender into unconditional self-love and acceptance.

This alignment shines through in all aspects of your health.

As you release the need for a physical vessel that no longer serves you, you manifest one that does.

You come into alignment with the physical vessel that represents true health and vitality.

Why would you be holding onto a vessel that doesn’t serve you?

You may have manifested this armour to protect yourself.

Unprocessed trauma is stored within your body.

Your body’s remembrance of this trauma can manifest as an armour to prevent yourself from retraumatisation.

As a barrier to the outside.

An attempt to protect you in the physical, when you couldn’t protect yourself emotionally.

For some, this armour serves to minimise physical appearances and $exuality, in theory, so others will pay less attention to your body.

“If for instance we perceive obesity to be unattractive, and if we believe or were told that we were abused because we were attractive, we may overeat in a misguided yet totally understandable attempt to defend ourselves from further sexual assault.” (Survivors of Incest Anonymous).

For some, weight is a consequence of emotional eating; pushing down the depression, anxiety, anger, confusion or pain, or using food to numb emotions.

Thus, stored emotion can mean stored fat.

This is why some people experience a deep struggle to release weight that no longer serves them, despite caloric deficits, a healthy diet and regular exercise.

How to heal?

Somatic therapy.

Work on emotional eating.

Seek help to overcome trauma.

Learn to express yourself in a healthy way.

Nurture your physical vessel.

Choose high vibrational plant foods.

Use movement as medicine.

Most importantly, cultivate radical self-love and acceptance; as you are, right now.

You’ll watch the weight melt away, and your Higher Self will shine through.

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